children and team dance at x:site

Do I have to be a Christian to come?

Abosolutely not, anyone is welcome although you need to know that the event includes Christian teaching. We do ask that all team are practicing Christians (see the join in page)

What does the event cost?

The holiday club is free. For the bimonthly events we ask for a donation of 2 pounds per child per event but if you can't manage this don't worry.

Are Children with disabilities welcome?

Absolutely, we have an experienced inclusion team who will work hard to ensure everyone is included. We can also make exceptions to the usual upper age limits where appropriate. Our inclusion team aim to be able to accomodate everyone there are though some circumstances where we may ask a parent or carer to stay with the child. The venue is fully wheelchair accessable and disabled parking is available.

Can you make exceptions to the age ranges?

X:site is aimed at children aged 8-11 but we recognise that children develop at different rates and that's why anyone is welcome from the age of 7 upwards until they begin year 8. X:site+ is for anyone in secondary school until they leave year 13.

Do I need to register?

No, but it makes it easier for us if you do details of how is here.

Where is the event?

All our events are held at All Nations Church in Keighley, next door to the cinema on North Street. Our Easter holiday Club is held at St Andrew's Church, also known as Keighley Parish church or the shared church, on Church street in the centre of Keighley next to the market and Taylors on the Green.

Do I have to have the food on the holiday club?

We don't know why you wouldn't want to but yes if you prefer to bring a packed lunch that's fine. We'll let you know the menu in advance too to help you decide.

Why are you no longer linked to Scripture Union

X:site was a part of the Scripture Union family for over 20 years; this relationship ended in February 2024 when Scripture Union released a new lifestyle statement which all volunteers were required to agree to. Some of our volunteers felt they were unable to align to parts of this statement and to support them and ensure we continue to represent the breadth of opinions that exist in the global church X:site became independent from Scripture Union. We would like to thank Scripture Union for all their support over the last 2 decades.

Got a question we haven't answered? Email us moz@xsitekeighley.org.uk.

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